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Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the Capital Yacht Club (CYC). The following information will help to orient you to our Club.  The Capital Yacht Club (CYC) is located at the heart of The Wharf. Established in 1892, we have a rich tradition of boating on the Washington Channel. Our clubhouse overlooks the club docks providing monumental views, a relaxed atmosphere, and DC hospitality. Come join us as a member or visiting boater and get to know this unique community on DC’s vibrant Southwest Waterfront.


Applications Process

First Step: For those interested in joining CYC, the first step toward becoming a member of the Capital Yacht Club is attendance at an Orientation Session. Orientation is generally held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 PM in the Club’s library. You can confirm a session and your interest in attending by sending a message to: [email protected]. At Orientation, you will learn about the Club’s history, its structure, services and activities, be provided a tour of the facility and learn the details of becoming a member.

Second Step: At Orientation, you will be provided a Prospective Member badge. This badge will identify you as a Prospective Member with the right to attend the Club and participate in Club activities. Just ring the doorbell at the front door and – upon seeing the badge – current members will know to open the door for you, and more importantly, to engage and share the social-based aspects of the Club.

Third Step: Prospective members are encouraged to visit the Club and participate in Club events. By attending events, conversing with its members and volunteering at Club functions over a couple of months, Prospective members will learn whether the Club is the right social opportunity for them, and Club members will learn whether the Prospective member is a good addition to the Club.

Fourth Step: After attending Orientation, Prospective members will be provided an application packet. The packet includes a request for basic personal information, plus a Prospective Member Booklet to be completed. The Booklet helps a Prospective member prepare for a strong participatory membership. As you work through the Booklet you will be introduced to the Board of Directors (BOD) by your sponsors.

Sponsors: A key part of the application is the securing of two current Members of the Club to serve as sponsors. Should you be seeking an Active membership, both sponsors must themselves be Active members; for Community membership, one sponsor can be an existing Community member and the other an Active member.

The role of the sponsors is an important one in the process – they both guide the Prospective member through the process and vouch for the Prospective member before the Admissions Committee, the Board, and the entire membership.

If you do not already know members of the Club and are seeking potential sponsors, keep in mind that sponsorship involves more than filling out a form. Ideally your sponsors should be members with whom you have good rapport and who are willing to serve as your mentor through the application process and beyond.

Joining the Club

Financial: In addition to submitting a completed application, both sponsorship forms (and other documents provided), the Club must receive the Prospective member’s initiation fee (currently $15,000 for Active and $1,750 for Community membership) and a non-refundable fee of $200 for a background check. The initiation fee is non-refundable once a new membership number has been assigned. Note that the completed application packet must be posted for the entire membership to see for a minimum of ten days before the Board can consider the Prospective member. A link will be provided for completing an online background check.

Volunteer: Volunteerism has historically been key to the success of the Capital Yacht Club. It is important that the Prospective member learn about the Club’s committee structure and identify area(s) of personal or professional interest.

Interview: Upon completing the requirements of the Booklet and application process, the Prospective member (and sponsors) will be interviewed by the Admissions Committee.
Board Decision: Following your interview, the Admissions Committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Directors (BOD). You will be advised of the outcome by the Admissions Committee. Please note that the entire process of applying, interviewing and a BOD decision can take 30 to 60 days. During the period of application and finding sponsors, Prospects should continue to visit the Club, participate in activities, and meet more of the membership. Once approved, a member (seniority) number will be assigned based on the date stamped on the completed application packet.

Club and Bar: Prospects are encouraged to visit the Club and attend social functions during the application process. Upon becoming a member, the club will assign you a credit account. All bar charges, dues, dockage, electric, cable and event charges are billed monthly to members. There is an automatic 18 percent service fee charged at the bar, though additional tips are encouraged if warranted by good service. Smoking, or use of any tobacco product, is not permitted anywhere inside the Club house.

Dress and Decorum: CYC is a family-oriented environment designed for the enjoyment of members, family, guests, and transient boaters. We do not condone discriminatory behavior, period. Dress is generally casual unless otherwise noted for special events. Shirts and shoes are required at all times. Gentlepersons are asked to remove their hats at the bar, failure to do so could cost you a round of drinks if a fellow member makes note of your hat by ringing the ship’s bell! Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and polite fashion at all times. Inappropriate behavior or language may result in censure or expulsion from CYC.

On-Boarding: The data supplied in the Roster Information Form will be entered into the CYC database. New members should provide a photo to be used for the Roster and provide a background article and picture for use by the editor of the Club’s monthly newsletter, The Breezes.

Parking: Parking at CYC is available to Active members, for one vehicle only, by access code in the nest area of the garage on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is not provided to prospective members during the application process.

Slip Assignments: Slips are awarded through a bidding process for Active Members based on seniority. Your member number is your seniority ranking, the lowest member number having the most seniority. When a slip is available, the Dockmaster will post the location of the slip along with the closing date on the bulletin board adjacent to the Captain’s Room in the Clubhouse. You may want to ask other members to keep you apprised of postings if you do not visit the Club on a daily or weekly basis. CYC will NOT call or advise you by e-mail of postings. Please note that the CYC retains the right to inspect any vessel to determine seaworthiness and that your vessel meets all Club, environmental, and legal requirements.

Dockage Agreements, Insurance, Coast Guard Documentation and Registration: All vessels are required to have a dockage agreement for slip assignment. Secondary vessels not affixed to the primary vessel may require a second dockage agreement. Proof of current Coast Guard Documentation and/or DC registration is required prior to the issuance of a dockage agreement. All vessels are required to carry liability insurance coverage in the amount of $500,000. Capital Yacht Club must be named as the additional insured. Proof of insurance must be provided to the Dockmaster upon renewal. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of your dockage agreement.

CYC Staff: The CYC staff report to the general manager. Their principal duties are to assist the volunteer committee structure and to provide services to the membership and transient visitors. Consult the GM or the appropriate flag officer if you have an issue or special need.

This information is subject to change without notice and is provided as a quick reference guide for your convenience. This information is not intended to usurp the CYC By-Laws or any CYC policy.

Photo © 2024 by Scott Berg